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Make your oral health a priority. Come to Advance Multi-Speciality  Dental Clinic if you need the help of an experienced dentist in Ahmedabad,India; we our priority is to keep your  mouth healthy. We also provide same time pain free condition of you  in all type of dental treatment treatment.

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  • The Care, Attention And Service You Deserve

At  Advance Multi-Speciality  Dental Clinic, we focus on providing patients with the best experience during each visit. We offer both routine and Implant and cosmetic dentistry in the heart of Gujrat at Ahmedabad. We have a friendly team of Implantologist, cosmetic dentists and dentist of other faculty   who provide treatments in a clean and comfortable environment under one roof.

We put your needs first by putting you in full control of your oral health by showing images and providing a detailed explanation of your dental needs. We provide treatments you fully understand with a very preventative approach to ensure your teeth and treatments last longer. Our dentists will explain your options and help you choose the treatment plan that best suits your condition. We also provide immediate treatment to patients who are suffering from dental emergencies.

  • Your Smile Is Our Passion

It is our mission to bring you closer to your dream of having beautiful, straight teeth and we have the solutions necessary to help you achieve it. From invisible braces to dental veneers, our dentists have extensive training to provide you with the perfect smile that you have always wanted. Tooth whitening is an easy way to brighten and make your smile more youthful. Your teeth will look a few shades whiter after the treatment period.

  • Comfort, Safety And Satisfaction Are A Priority

It is important to us that our patients experience pain-free dentistry and we use Special anesthesia techniques and long acting anesthesia. Even treatments such as ,dental implants crowns  and bridges can be carried out under proper anesthesia  to provide relaxed treatment from start to finish.

  • Convenient Consultation E-mail us to discuss your teeth problems and get feedback via email or you can call to us so we can discuss your problems and can plan your treatment and appointments. We  will perform a comprehensive assessment of your dental needs and provide you with the best treatment options available.


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